Hasan Abu-Musa

Hasan was born on august 1st, 2012, in “Beilinson” hospital, petach tikva. Hasan is the fourth son in his family, and has 3 older brothers and sisters who were very happy for a little brother joining the family. Unfortunately, right after Hasan was born, he stopped breathing, and after a few tests, he was diagnosed with CCHS, causing great panic to our family.

About 10 days later, being a very small baby, Hasan had a surgery to put in the tracheotomy that allowed him to breath every time he fell asleep. In addition, he had a surgery during which a gstrostom (a feeding tube in his stomach) was inserted, in order to feed him.

After the surgeries, and in light of his medical condition, Hasan had been hospitalized for 4 months in different hospitals by the time he came home for the first time. His first years were very hard and he suffered from severe pneumonia several times, as well as many hospitalizations, and went to a special kinder garden that gives a proper care for his breathing problems. In fact, he spent most of his first years in the hospital.

Despite of his big struggle with the syndrome, the weekly visits to the hospitals and the often medical surveillance, Hasan is a happy and curious child who loves dogs, and most of all loves spending time and taking care of his beloved dog, “chubby”. Hasan is an example of strength and power; nothing, including CCHS will stop this curious, smart, beloved and intelligent boy from doing anything he wants with success and love.